•  Senior artist with 20 years of game production experience.
  •  Strong traditional art background.
  •  Excellent eye for detail, color, value, lighting, and composition.
  •  Solid understanding of production art processes and pipelines.
  •  Provides problem solving techniques to next-gen asset creation.
  •  Responsible mentoring of junior art team members.
  •  Effectively collaborates with production team groups.
  •  Strong work ethic, self motivated, passionate.



  •  Photoshop
  •  Maya
  •  ZBrush
  •  Quixel Suite
  •  Unreal Engine



Sony SOE - San Diego, CA                                  Sr. Environment Artist                                                     2008 - Present

Planetside 2 (PC,PS4)

  •  Established visual quality bar by creating key environment art ranging from large POI Structures to small props.
  •  As a Sr. Environment Artist I contributed to the development and improvement of junior artists process, workflow, tools, visual quality, and technical standards.
  •  Took ownership of our games POI Super Structures

The Agency (PC,PS3)

  •  Produced high quality environment levels including, pre-visualization, concepting, level layout, propping, textures, additional geometry, and lighting.
  •  Responsible for maintaining environment level team production tasks, quality level, artistic critique, asset creation techniques, and outsource management.

Ledgends of Norrath (PC)

  •  Created illustrations for online collectible card game


ArenaNet - Bellevue, WA                                           Prop Artist                                                                     2006 - 2007

Guild Wars Nightfall (PC
Guild Wars Eye of the North (PC)

  •  Created environment props including, concept, modeling, and texturing.


THQ - Kirkland, WA                                                 Sr. Environment Artist                                                      2004 - 2006

Evil Dead Regeneration (Xbox, PS2, PC)

  •  Took ownership of environment levels including, pre-visualization concepting, level layout, propping, textures, geometry, and lighting.
  •  Pre-visual development including, environment and game prototype concepting.

Beep Industries - Kirkland, WA                              Sr. Environment Artist                                                       2001 - 2003

Voodoo Vince (Xbox)

  • Created whimsical platform environments including, modeling, texturing, level layout, and lighting.


Humongous Entertainment - Bothell, WA              Environment Artist                                                          2000 - 2001

Backyard Basketball (PC)


Cavedog Entertainment - Bothell, WA                       2D/3D Artist                                                                  1998 - 2000

Kingdoms (PC)
Amen (PC, Unreleased)
Elysium (PC, Unreleased)

Lobotomy Software - Redmond, WA                           2D Artist                                                                        1995 - 1998

Powerslave (PC, Saturn, Playstation)
Mortificator (Unreleased)
Duke Nukem (Saturn)
Quake (Saturn)
Apogee Software West - Redmond, WA 2D Artist 1994 - 1994
Blood (PC)


Art Center College of Design - Pasadena, CA                                                                                         1989 - 1992
Illustration Major, Graduated with a BFA

Cornish College of the Arts - Seattle, WA                                                                                                1987 - 1988
Fine Arts Major